“Things” Shawn Thornton Says

Toucher & Rich: I know you can’t talk about [planning to fight Matt Cooke]. But we’ll substitute the word fight… we’ll say “grilled cheese”. Shawn Thornton, are you going to have a grilled cheese sandwich when the Bruins play the Penguins?
Shawn Thornton: You’re assuming that the person would like to sit down and have a grilled cheese sandwich with me. If something was going to happen, I think it would have to be someone else that was eating lunch. I really don’t think he would sit down and enjoy a sandwich with me.
T&R: Is there a way, Shawn, that if the person is acting like they’re not hungry and that they don’t want the sandwich, is there a way to shove the sandwich into other people’s faces until the person who you want to eat the sandwich will eat it?
Shawn: I think it will be someone else who’s stepping up to the lunch table if that happens. It won’t be the guy you want to eat lunch with, unfortunately.



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