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I’m glad someone understands

My bar exam in three days. I finished day one today. Advertisements

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This is your brain… on Japanese.

This interests me. It makes me think: does knowing more words actually make you smarter? Knowing more words lets you be more specific, and thus more appreciative of nuance. The inability to comprehend nuance is a hallmark of a simpleton. … Continue reading

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History lesson – earliest porn video known. It sucks.

“it had the piano and all that. it was very low budget as the caption panels were hand written and held in place by someone infront of the camera unlike other pictures you’d see from that period. essentially it was … Continue reading

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Note to self: business idea

Copyright trolling.

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I heard someone saying this earlier today

” Or life that doesn’t form on conditions like Earth. Earth life is best suited for the temperature and components of Earth, but organic molecules could form from other base elements under wildly different conditions. The plastics we make, for … Continue reading

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